Group General Manager Luo Xi Takes Study Trips to Jiangsu Businesses

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巨弘国际  Group General Manager Luo Xi visited Wuxi and Changzhou on a study trip between April 19 and April 21, where he observed the business operations of Wuxi CR Gas, Wuxi CR Microelectronics and Changzhou CR Chemicals. During his visit, Mr. Luo examined operations management at the relevant business units and production bases. He also had friendly discussions with the management and staff of the three companies. Additionally, Mr. Luo visited the management of China Resources’ various business segments in Jiangsu to understand their latest business developments and operational results in the first quarter of this year.

  Mr. Luo visited Wuxi CR Gas on the morning of April 20, where he inspected its gas station on Hongxing Road, as well as its storage and distribution station in the city’s new district, customer service center, energy showroom and scheduling and emergency command center. At these locations, Mr. Luo was briefed in detail about equipment operations, production processes, the customer service system and safety management. He also exchanged greetings and spoke with technicians working at the frontline of the emergency response system via the mobile PDA system, to inquire about the work progress.

巨弘国际  Mr. Luo visited Wuxi CR Microelectronics on the afternoon of April 20, where he inspected its three business units, including CR Ansheng, CR Shanghua and CR Xike, to understand production and operations processes such as integrated circuits packaging, wafers production, as well as product research and development. He also spoke with frontline staff on issues such as product research and development and technological innovations.

巨弘国际  Mr. Luo visited Changzhou CR Chemicals on the morning of April 21, where he inspected the storage base at the pier and the polyester bottle chip production base. He inquired about the construction of the pier, the production management and business operations, and learned about the transformation and development history of the chemical business.

  After the study tour, Mr. Luo held separate discussions with the management teams of the three companies to learn about their operational results in the first quarter. He shared his insights on opportunities and challenges facing their business development, and also provided guidance on their operations, management and future development. He encouraged the staff to work together, exercise pragmatism and innovation and strengthen management, so as to improve their business quality and efficiency, and achieve sustainable growth.

巨弘国际  Also present at the visits were management from the Group’s various business segments, such as the Group’s Office of the Board of Directors, the Environmental Health Department and Safety Department.