3rd Quarter New Product Launch of Wuxi China Resources Huajing Micro

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Recently Wuxi China Resources Huajing Micro under the control of CR Micro ("China Resources Huajing”) held the 3rd quarter new product launch. This launch introduced 48 new products from five product categories successfully.
Among these new products, 5T series HV DMOS for application of LED power attracted the most attention. 5T series is the 5th-generation high-voltage DMOS developed by Huajing. Its characteristic optimum value FOM (Rsp*Qg) is 25% lower than the 4th-generation (PRT/PRC) and keep ahead of other competitors in China. The characteristic Qg is 260nC/cm2 and the characteristic Qgd is 100nC/cm2. Such smaller Qg and Qgd guarantee the low switching loss so that 5T series are particularly suitable for LED driver with high switching frequency. Of course, Huajing also introduced several new products in the PRT and PRC platforms to meet demands of different customers in the adapter, chargers, rectifier and other sectors.
As a result of energy crisis, the energy saving and emission reduction have been a common concern around the world. In this situation, LED market is booming. For LED lighting sector, Huajing launched a few of new products. In particular, 18V brightening series blue-light HV LED increases the luminous efficiency by nearly 20% In 6V filament series, replacement of 3V chip with 6V chip improves the chip bonding and soldering efficiency and reduces the surface mounting cost. The inverted 6V chip is also featured in good heat dissipation, reliability and high availability. At present, LED filament manufacturers are very interested in introducing such chips. Huajing also offered two new optical isolation products for infrared LED. Both of them reach the leading level in China in respect of forward voltage and luminous power.
On the launch, Huajing showed five MOSFET, i.e. CoolMos products for LED, charger and PFC sectors. Compared to planar DMOS, MOSFET acquires a better quality factor (Rdson*Qg), higher efficiency and smaller volume. It can meet demands of end customers for energy saving and small size.
With respect to Low-Vf Schottky diode for mobile terminal, our new products have several characteristics including low forward voltage drop, low reverse recovery time, low electrical leakage, high ESD protection and high rectification efficiency. Therefore they are especially suitable for output rectification of power adapter, switching power adapter, DC/DC converter and other similar applications.
For the humidifier market with obvious seasonal characteristics, Huajing presents a triode product, BU406A8 with superior cost advantage in fall and in winter. This product adapts to almost all of humidifier on the market and the humidification efficiency reaches the national A level.
巨弘国际This new product launch wins success as expected and is bound to increase the yield and sales volume of new products in the 4th quarter.