CR Micro Shook Hands with 2014 Wuxi International Marathon

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  In the afternoon of April 13, 2014, 2014 Wuxi International Marathon, also known as a race of “people running in the picture”, opened in misty rain. This marathon is the first international full marathon across Jiangsu Province which witnessed 15,000 runners from home and abroad.182 Marathon runners from CR Micro, led by Director of Board Mr. Chen Shuo, with a mark of “CR Micro” on their chest, attended this race. Among them, 4 runners finished the full marathon, 56 the half marathon, and 122 the mini marathon. On the landscape gallery marathon arena where ten thousand people were gathered, the banners “CR Micro Wishes Wuxi International Marathon A Complete Success”, flags and signs “CR Micro”, and placards “Come on! CR Micro!”were held up highly which were extremely vivid and dazzling and reflected the bright image and enchanting style of CR Micro people to the world.

  “Fashion Industry, Fashion Team, Fashion Life!” CR Micro advocates an active and sunny lifestyle of positive energy, and has always been enhancing enterprise cohesion, demonstrating the enterprise image and boosting the positive energy of the enterprise, through healthy and sunny sports. The runners from CR Micro could not be ignored for all runners attending the full marathon and half marathon have obtained medals. Though it is the first time for Director of Board Mr. Chen Shuo to take part in such an event, he insisted on finishing the half marathon and gained a medal. Some participating staff have showed their encouragement in this happy race and realized good achievements. Chen Hui and Feng Xing from Anst (Wuxi China Resources Micro-Assembly Technology Co., Ltd.), and Hui Zhigang from Wuxi China Resources Huajing Micro, have respectively ranked 411th, 425th, and 1879th in the full marathon with good achievements. Ding Honghua from Semico (Wuxi China Resources Semico Co., Ltd.), He Huiqing and Zhao Qin from Wuxi China Resources Huajing Micro have respectively made good performances with ranks of 104th, 373th, and 588th in the women's half marathon.Hua Tangjian, Peng Chengcheng, and Zhang Sen from CSMC (CSMC Technologies Corporation) have respectively won the good ranks of 374th, 478th, and 505th in the men’s half marathon. They all represented CR Micro in an overwhelmingly positive way and arrived to a great applause.

  To ensure the employees would take part in the event happily, display a good image and arouse the positive energy, the Company arranged Changxing Club to make careful planning and arrangement regarding preparation, image planning, on-site organization, logistics assurance, first-aid and security, as well as photo-taking and publicity. Director of Board Mr. Chen Shuo attended the debriefing on the event planning and the preparation work. He emphasized careful preparation and security for this event which was supposed to convey positive energy.47 volunteers have performed their duties to carry out arrangement and service, as well as security assurance; 14 cyclists followed all the way to ensure security and first-aid. The event was a complete success.